The lower

A year long teen photography class in the lower east side culminating in a public exhibition on houston street and a co-authored photo book

The Lower East Side is the most underrated neighborhood in the city. The Lower is such a disgustingly beautiful world that has energy that can’t be matched on any other block or ave in the city. The Lower is the definition of a freaking melting pot. You got the chicken spot next to the Chinese spot, and the Spanish spot inside a grocery store, all on the same block. The Lower is an amazing example for gentrification as well. The P’s right next to that new million dollar condo. You got old hard working dads hanging out in the park smoking bogies, beautiful mothers with their kids in the park filling the block with their laughter. You got nasty middle schoolers dancing to nasty music in the ball courts. Take a trip to the unknown amount of gardens hidden somewhere across the street from the school right next to the power plant. Walk down Delancey, I swear it use to be a calm spot. And the Williamsburg bridge, you can either walk it or meet right underneath it, the literal border between the rich and poor. Walk the FDR up to the skate park under the Manhattan bridge, or up to the Seaport. Want to see the art? Just look around you, the name itself is art. The Lower.
— Introductory text by Hector, born and raised in The Lower

 Students wheat paste photographs they made in the Lower East Side at the Hamilton Fish Rec Center, Spring 2019. Video by Mengwen Cao

SALT_HamFish_Portrait Grid.jpg